Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just asking

can a glass

be half empty


half full?


cockelf said...

All depends on one's perspective now, doesn't it? If you are upbeat and happy, the glass is half-full. If you are a stick in the mud, it's half-empty. However, if you are in the Departure Lounge, your glass is always FULL!

Boy Ricky said...

Yes full there I have heard. Still when is the glass ever empty?

cockelf said...

Um...err...ah...when you pass out and knock the glass over?
(Is this a trick question!)

Boy Ricky said...

ummm? Not sure if it is. I think I will wait and see if anyone else knows. A puzzle?

I would never pass out and knock over a drink, it could happen when awake but not when I am not awake. ;)