Friday, March 31, 2006

Today at Amber Fox

Slitering past the well . . .

A snake in the grass.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shot!

Oddly, this is not the snake I expected to see upon my arrival on the Land...

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned this before, I am bringing my chocolate cake receipt with me, so, provided there are raw materials in the Erection pantry, chocolate cake will happen for Eastre!

cheers, Shimmer

Boy Ricky said...

Hey Shimmer, Amazing this shot even happened, after having landed on it for one tenth of a second, both the snake and I knew we had surprised the other, my scream was not too bad! The snake handled it with a great deal more grace than the boy.

Send the cake recipe so we can be sure to have ingrediants for the erection pantry.

Boy Ricky said...

The snake is harmless for sure, in fact likely adds a great deal to makeing life on the land enjoyable.

Something both beautiful and mysterious, and my first sighting since, well, many years. And the scream was me for sure!