Sunday, May 07, 2006

Apricots, of course

Oh thank the great faerie spirits, it wasn't a giant ground hog or even a mutant gopher digging all those holes.

It was Chip.

Seems Chip has been wanting a bit of fruit. He dug these holes and planted four trees.

Apricots! Now hold your breath, they maybe be ready for spring ...

next year!

The land did have an orchard at one time, at least some of those fruit trees remain today. The new trees will hopefully be joined by others, in perfect alignment, joining a new orchard at Amber Fox.


Howiesue said...

Um... Will apricots grow in this climate? -Just curious

Boy Ricky said...

They will Howie-sue! The location Chip picked is likely one of the more protected places as well. So be prepared to enjoy this new fruit! Next year!