Friday, May 19, 2006

Shy Anne evades Agent 002

By now if you have been following the blog, you know that Shy Anne has done something to Chris ProngER of the Edmonton Oilers. He won't talk, so I staked out Shy Anne's summer residence to get to the bottom of this.

She wasn't answering the gate so I waited and waited. Being a super-dooper top secret secret agent I decided to scale the wall.

You wouldn't believe the view Shy Anne has here from her new summer place, its awesome. Still after catching my breath, I couldn't help but wonder what happened on this beach between her and the ProngER.

I found a side patio, overlooking the lake attached to her Luxurious new home. It was protected with all the latest saftey devices, so I could not get in.

The colour was breathtaking, how does she find the time, or maybe its not her but her Tommy Squeeze, he's not another Mary you know, he's all that and more from what I heard while standing out side.

There was a sign above the door, I think it said, "If the Trailor is a Rockin don't come a Knockin"

I'm not sure what that meant, anyway while I was contemplating this latest bit of Shy Anneism I heard a Jeep start and not just any jeep, this was a TJ.

Stop I shouted, to no avail. She was gone, that machoTJ Jeep swerving, just missing me, the gate swung open and the TJ Jeep raced through with me in hot pursuit, on foot. As I got to the gate it slammed shut, I was trapped inside, I did however get a picture of the fleeing jeep.

The trailer wasn't rockin anymore, better check out the inside eh?


Anonymous said...

I am obliged to beg you all for a little privacy ... It's Mike Peca, OK? ... and we're very much in LOVE. ... Now Allan Maki of The Globe and Mail may have recently come to the realization that My Mike is PERFECT, but he can just butt right out ... 'cause I've known it all along ... please! please!! please!!! ... leave us to share our joy in peace ... I'm just so upset. I need a drink.

Globe and Mail

Anonymous said...

She-Anne we love you. We can't leave you alone! You are so beautiful, so famous, so talented, so fab, so everything we're not! We your fans will stalk you to the ends of the earth, and maybe even further!