Sunday, May 14, 2006

Undercover Mission Exposed!

Gossip Starr, Diva of the Dirt

I dish all that's swish, so tune in for the scoop, the poop, the dope and the doop. Put all faeries on alert. I play no games. If you do the deed, then expect the read!
Breaking News! Amber Fox's very own favorite lumber jack and chain saw guru has gone deep undercover as a super-dooper top secret secret agent to lure faeries to Amber Fox for the upcoming Victoria Day weekend gatherette. Be on the alert, especially in B.C. DivaCam paparazzi--we are everywhere, darlings--snapped the stealthy one at an Edmonton Oilers party, location Kelowna.
According to undisclosed sources at Mission: Impossible headquarters, Agent 002, aka "Ricky," has been assigned the task of luring Oilers Sergei Samsonovgoes and Dwayne Roloson to the gatherette by any means available. If the mission is successful, hunky hockey faeries will be on the land this coming weekend; if not, everyone is invited to wear jock straps and play with their own pucks and sticks.

Remember that Agent 002 is a master of disguise. Be ever vigilant! He could be anywhere!

As a Swish Dish public service, Gossip Starr provides these images of the stealthy one, but keep in mind that he can assume any appearance and may be difficult to spot. If you should see this super-dooper top secret secret agent, report your findings in Comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Boy Ricky? I can take him.