Friday, May 19, 2006

New technology arrives at Amber Fox

No, this odd light at the front steps to the Erection isn't from an alien spacecraft, though the pic looks like a still from the X-Files. It's a nifty new solar light that illuminates the steps everyone seems to fall down (or up).

This is just-in-time news for the Victoria Day weekend coming right up, May 19-22. Those dressed in their Queen Vicky duds won't have to worry about tripping over their trains in the dark.

The solar lights are way look for them in strategic places. Maybe even coming soon to an outhouse near you.


Anonymous said...


Does anyone else see that strange person in the picture? Who is it? Strange happenings at Amber Fox again.

Boy Ricky said...

Maybe we can sell the picture on eBay. Do we know anyone that knows anything about eBay? Chip? Ken? ummm