Thursday, May 18, 2006

Holy smokes ... Secret Agent 002 reports

I am away (but you know that) working behind the scenes, following the effort of some Faeries to bring none other than that big Faerie wanna be, Pat Robertson , to Amber Fox for the Victoria Weekend Gatherette.

The photo shows the first meeting in a super private exclusive men and boys only Virginia Club, notorious for attracting Faeries of substantial means.

Daddy Patty as I unaffectionately call him, quickly joined the group before getting caught with my new, super doper top secret (don't tell anyone okay, it's a secret) chainsaw powered remote crotch cam.

Here you see them all watching the Edmonton Oiler's game. The Crotch Cam is cleverly hidden in my spiderman chainsaw sitting on a table in front of the TV. I know if that if Daddy Patty comes to Amber Fox this weekend, he will bring the boys in the picture with him.

If Pat Robertson shows up, maybe a Daddy can spank him good, for all those bad things he has been saying.

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Anonymous said...

Daddy is going to have to spank him!