Friday, May 19, 2006

Queen Vicky to cum to the Land

This is Gossip Starr, diva of the dirt. I dish all that's swish, so tune in for the scoop, the poop, the dope and the doop. Put all faeries on alert. I play no games. If you do the deed, then expect the read!


If I wasn't around, no one would know anything would you children. I have learned today that Queen Victoria herself has decided to return to this world this very weekend and if you are on the guest list for the fabulous weekend at Amber Fox you may have an opportunity to kiss her likeness in person.

"Pooh pooh," you say, well its true boys and girls, my little Faeries. It was a sudden decision brought on by the recent developments involving the ProngER. The Queen actually touched down in Kingston to see if she could find a nice Kingston Boy for you know who. That's where I caught her.

She was not amused, but as I told her after my very deep curtsey (God it was hard to get up, just kidding, you know I am on my knees alot), "If you do the deed, then expect the read." The best defense I told her was to "spit it out" so to speak (they always fall for that).

Out it poured from her Gin soaked pursed lips...

It seems the strange creature caught on film by either Chip or Ken was none other than Prince Albert, doing some advance scouting. He was caught off guard when the new Amber Fox technology exposed his likeness if ever so faintly.

Ken and Chip both seemed shocked though as I have it, neither has ever seen a Prince Albert like this one, but this was the real thing. What now? They were sworn to secrecy with promises or threats of more Prince Albert's being added. I must say that was a surprise, I always thought ... okay some things are better kept quiet for now.

So there you have it, Queen Victoria will be on the Land this weekend. She will however not be in her own body, that would be too much weight to carry around, she will instead take out a little revenge on Shy Anne for whatever she did to the ProngER. Shy Anne will not be herself this weekend, beware Tommy, that is a real Queen sleeping next to you for the next few days, I just hope you make it through okay!


Anonymous said...

That's not my Prong!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked, shocked by that Prince Albert. Has the man no modesty?! That Queen Vic must have had her hands full with that prick! Why, I never...