Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I found a ProngER

WOWSER, Progress being made on Impossible Mission Impossible.

The picture to the left is of one Chris Pronger. The big boy playing defence for the Edmonton Oilers. As you can tell, he is being handed underware from some hunky guy for sure.

My hidden Crotch Cam went fuzzy as it was about to scan the room. Currently Faerie engineers and pipsqueaks are attempting to recover focus and see if we can determine who is passing off what is obviously used boxers to Mr. ProngER.

Rumour has it that Shy Anne has been calling some of the Oilers to attend the Victoria Day weekend gatherette. ProngER went red when I asked of his past relationships with both Shy Anne and Geneva. It is clear it still hurts. I promised to help look after him if he came to Land this weekend, and to be sure that Shy Anne behaved herself and looked after him.

He started to cry, it must be an awful story! What did Shy Anne do to him? If you know or have hints leave them here. I will follow each one up!

I will be meeting with Chris again soon and more from the Crotch Cam once the pipsqueaks get it fixed. Oh my, my back up Crotch Cam just sent this picture in of Hunky boy Todd Bertuzzi of the Canucks with his new boy Jovo. Toddy says many Faeries play for the Oilers, wowser, our lucky day for sure.

Agent 002 over and out

pssst (It's really me, BoyRicky that's Agent 002, don't tell anyone, okay!)


Anonymous said...

Wowser is right BOY! Find out who that Faerie is that is handing him the shorts.

Pinkie said...

I remember a little newsletter floating around B.C. in the late seventies called THE PRONG. I wonder if there is a connection.

Anonymous said...

I've been following but hanging back for a long time. Now that I read this I'm going to be at this next gatherette...looking for hunks just like in the CrotchCam.

Boy Ricky said...

Every effort is being taken. It gets slippery though when you are playing with big Derricks with Oil.

Boy Ricky said...

ProngER's team knocked out the Sharks tonight so they fly off to ... Amber Fox to play with Shy Anne? Aniheim to play some Ducks?