Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pickle Smickle

By now many of you have seen the previous post. Strange happenings are going on at Amber Fox.

Pickle Smickle.

Look carefully at this evidence,

Note the similarities...

Now that pickle looks a lot like this . Pickle Smickle I say.

The mousetache is another clue, would that Faerie eat a pickle looking so much like the Snake that guards the Path of the Snake on the The Land?

That stache has been seen before? Oh my devine Eastre, it was the stache in the picture the ProngER showed me of himself and Shy-Anne in happier times. I knew I had seen a close up before. Ok maybe more than once.

Don't worry Amber Foxian Faeries the super-duper top secret secret agent is about to return (remember its a secret, don't tell anyone ok). I will be following the clues across the country.

As you can see we have already started. Our top secret Mustache identification XronifryShavelotion device has managed to zero in close under the kryptonite powered microscope Superman sold Amber Fox at his garage sale before he disappeared. Of course it was broken but strange guidance under the full moon guided our tools in it's repair. Unfortionately the Stache was covered in Aqua Velvet so more work is needed in uncovering the owner.

If only we had a propane fridge, we could freeze samples for future identification. More work is needed, first dear faeries, we must discover who the stache belongs too.

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Anonymous said...

You are right, it is a snake, what's going on at Amber Fox