Saturday, May 20, 2006

Shy-Anne "Oh my god it's bad..."

Shy-Anne it appears was off to Amber Fox in a flash, the TJ must have burned alot of rubber to make it for sure. I suspect it has alien resources to fall back upon, but more on that investigation later.

So while Shy-Anne is away, time to check out her abode. The front is a gaudy pink, you saw it here on AKA Amber Fox blog. The yard, the gate, the view give the appearance of something lavish, rich. I tried the front door, it was latched with a chain, I could only get my nose through. Drat!

I saw a sticker on the wall, so I took a picture.

I went around the back of the trailor next, discovering that the whole place is a facade, the trailor that is suppose to be immaculate, the latest in Martha's Trailor Living, was not even close. It was clearly a 1950's trailor. I suspect it was the trailor she got from her first divorce. The back door looked to have this new picture painted on it, an attempt to mullify new new cowboy beau.

She is clearly going back to her roots with more than her hair by the looks of it.

The picnic set was augmented with a gas barrel hedge, the likes I have never seen. It was truly a sight to see.

I tried the back door, it was open! Of course it was, that is like it has always been with Shy-Anne, if you need company you use the back door if the porch light is on. I guess she forgot to turn it off when they sped away yesterday. In those days her show name was different I discovered. She went with the more subtle name, "Ineada Mann". I think that was the name the ProngER was mumbling in his tears when I spoke to him.

Inside the back door was this poster of Dolly.

It appears to be all she has left of her friendship with Dolly. The back is signed "To my dear sister, Shy Anne, Love your bigger sister, Dolly."

Oh the Humanity, so far have the glamorous fallen. I just hope her new cowboy stud can get back on the horse.

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Boy Ricky said...

I just spoke to Dolly, she is furious that anyone would think Shy-Anne was anything but bigger than her.

"She gave me the bucks for the first enhancement I had to the hooters, I used her wigs, she's a good ole country gal and I hope that Cowboy she's with knows a good ride when he gets on," Dolly told me over the phone tonight.

Looks like more work on this story to come. Dolly said she and Annie Lennox may join Shy-Anne on her often anounced but not started More than A Woman Tour.