Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hockey Night in Perth

You just have to know Hockey Night in Canada will be a different experiance when the evening is led by a citizen of North Carolina.

Geneva, Boy Ricky and our leader for the night, Chip, headed off with great expectations, to see the beloved (ok,Phillip likes the leafs, but they aren't playing) Ottawa Senators dispatch the Stanley Cup Champs, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Beers and a nice dry red, with a hint of faerie dust, (who ordered that wine, surely no one from Kingston, right Philip!).

Many wings later, beer and a bottle of the red plunk the Sens won. We were the only folks there, save the staff, despite the inviting sign out front, wings 20 cents each on game night!

Turns out Hockey Night in Perth was fun. They do know how to party in North Carolina and their hockey sensibilities are rising faster than a Rocket in Montreal. The kinda guy that could be from Kingston, right Philip!


Boy Ricky said...

Cheers for sure! North Carolina has a very good hockey team, The Carolina Hurricanes!

They are in the playoffs and doing well!

You know I did well to get both the Chipper and Geneva to cheer and watch a hockey game!

Boy Ricky said...

gotta like that Steve Nash cockelf!