Thursday, April 13, 2006

Creatures seeking Shelter

All week long we have been observing creatures seeking shelter.

Take, for example, the chipmunk. We discovered his secret nest inside the animal-proof compost bin. The Erection slop pail was close to overflowing. Otherwise we would never be the wiser. We check for new babies every day, and the compost pail in the kitchen, well, we won’t go there.

Or take the snake. He too seeks shelter. In the cool, dark, warm confines underneath the well platform.

Ssssssssssh! Don’t tell anyone his secret, or they won’t go near the well.

Even the owl keeps a secret vigil inside the shelter of the barn, perhaps discouraging tiny creatures from taking up residency there.

Tonight we await faeries,, otherworldly creatures that seek shelter at Amber Fox this Eastre Weekend. What secrets will they bring? What truths will go untold? What truths will change? And when will Shimmer make his chocolate cake?

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