Thursday, April 13, 2006

News from the land

Water at Amber Fox comes from deep in the earth. Bringing it up has been a challenge this year. In the cold of winter, the handpump freezes. Now it is broken, not frozen: the internal rod that makes it work has finally stripped out after thirty or more years of use. Throwing a bucket on the end of a rope and hauling it up hand-over-hand means you use water deliberately, carefully.

Water at Amber Fox is never easy, but oh, the generator, what an invention! It makes the jet pump go, pushing the water to the erection, filling the tank on top. Then gravity takes over, and now dishes and bathing are a snap. Water flows from the tap, the shower. The fire in the aqua heater makes it hot.
Getting the water system up and running marks a milestone at Amber Fox. It means you have faith. It means you're willing to gamble that pipes won't freeze. It means that Spring isn't a hoax.

But even though it's easier now, you never forget the hauling up hand-over-hand. You always use water deliberately, carefully.

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