Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eastre Weekend -- Part II

Much work was done on the land throughout the day on Saturday. Here are a few snapshots from our day!

How many faeries
does it take to change
the propane tank at the Erection?
As many as can fit in the picture!

Look at boy Ricky! He knows that candles at night give dinner a magical glow. He knows how to put them into the holders and how to light them once it gets dark. He's a smart boy-faerie who knows just what he's doing.

But what about Pinkie?
You want me to put this candle where?!

Faeries are good at lots of things!

Look at Shimmer cook! He's good at cooking!
Cook, Shimmer, Cook!

Look at Howie-Sue! He loves roasted garlic! And he makes great garlic bread with melted brie! Cook, Howie-Sue, Cook!

Look at these butter tarts! Pinkie made them! He used 3/4 a pound of butter. Cook, Pinkie, Cook! (Fortunately he used the Slenderella recipe, so these tarts are slimming!)

All these faeries are good at cooking, so we're eating well.

But what about Geneva? What's he good at doing?

Eat, Geneva, Eat!

See, all the faries are good at something!

But where's Chip? What could he have done with his day? Stay tuned...The gatherette will be blogged!

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