Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eastre Weekend -- Part I

Faeries continued to arrive on the land for Eastre weekend on Friday, and the denizens of Amber Fox rushed out to meet the new arrivals with garlands of flowers. Young fawns magically appeared to sprinkle rose petals on the paths, and much hugging and kissing ensued!

The land was toured, the progress of ongoing projects inspected and admired. And then all the faeries got to the important stuff: Eating!

and eating....

and eating....

until the plate was licked clean!

Old friends and new burned logs at the Erection and enjoyed the fellowship in the bright warm sun.

Who could know what adventures would ensue. Stay tuned. The gatherette will be blogged!

(P.S. That is if blogger will cooperate. Doing a blog on a noisy telephone line modem isn't very reliable, or fast, or easy, or timely. That's why this blog is "almost live" two days late!)

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