Monday, April 10, 2006

Swish Dish

Hello, Darlings.
This is Gossip Starr, diva of the dirt at Amber Fox. I dish all that's swish, so tune in for the scoop, the poop, the dope and the doop. Put all faeries on alert. I play no games. If you do the deed, then expect the read.
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Big News! What superstarress is still dev-o-stated by the death last week of legendary country music superstarr Buck Owens? None other than Amber Fox singing sensation Shy Anne, who has gone into deep, deep mourning. Friends of the diva have told Swish Dish that she was beside herself at Owens' funeral. She threw her delicate body (dressed in tasteful black taffeta mini and veil) onto the coffin and wailed, "You'll always be my buckaroo." Guards escorted a weeping Shy Anne from the room, followed closely by her entourage of publicist, personal assistant, makeup artist, lawyer, trainer, body guard, body double, and chef. Buck Owens, the singer-songwriter who pinned 1961's #1 hit "Act Naturally," remained stoney, but members of the country music elite attending the funeral could only wonder, Will a second (unsuccessful) treatment at the Betty Ford be Shy Anne's next venue?

Swish Dish wishes Shy Anne, pictured here with Buck Owens in happier times, the best of luck. We can only hope she recovers enough to take the stage at this summer's 19th Annual High Summer Gathering Know Talent Show.


Anonymous said...

Devastating! I pray that Shy Anne receives the kind of gentle treatment that a person of such refined, highly-strung and delicate breeding deserves at the "Betty Ford"!

Even in the deepest pork-barrel of grief, I'm sure she looked radiant in her regalia of black taffeta.

Anonymous said...

Shy-Anne is appearing at Eastre-rama!!!!

Now I Have a Reason for Living.

Shy-Anne... she's so much MORE than a woman!

btw, did everybody notice how garishly and SHAMELESSLY Madonna has been ripping off Shy-Anne in the promos for her new tour? Outrageous! She deserves the worst the Faery Purity Committee can dish out!

Anonymous said...

How could she let herself go like that. The race is on and it looks like heartache ... Can you imagine the back stretch, well I can.