Friday, April 07, 2006

Live and almost live ...

Live and almost live at aka Amber Fox

Yesterday was another good day. The land was alive most of the day and then not so alive.

I am sure it was a cozy place to land for this lil bat guy, but turned out not to be so good for him. This fella was found as we put kerosene lamps away for the summer.

Oddly enough I did not think of this lil guy until we sat down to dinner at the Erection. I am sure that is egg plant, right? Yuck!

Then we had the chainsaw, a Craftsman, those ole reliable folks at Sears supply this one.

Now I have never had 18 inches before, looks impressive, eh? Now if it only worked. Ok it did, just lost our chain. Once fitted again, it was ready to go.

Now the Poulan needed alot of Pullin to get it on.
I never did get it turned on. Seems I was using the wrong faerie dust.

And it appears this guy was back looking for some ancestors, very carefully broaching the surface, seeing us, hearing the click from the camera, he dove head first deep into the land. I was about to suggest other more suitible living quarters, like the non-faerie land near by.

I suspect a fire in his ancestor's honour will be held by the Eastre(er) bunny during the EASTRE Gathering.

Stay tuned for more "Live and almost live" in the days ahead...

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