Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Amber Fox's very own commentator, columnist, and raconteur, the indomitable HowieSue Isharoonie, author of “Common Nonsense and Uncommon Sense,” needs your help! He's hitching a ride to Amber Fox for Eastre Weekend, and he just doesn't know which outfit will get him the most rides.

He's turning to you, dear readers, to help him decide, and he promises to wear the outfit you choose. After all, it will get him the most rides, right?!

Put on your thinking caps, pick the best hitchhiking outfit, and let us know your choice in the comments section. HowieSue is depending on you!

Outfit A, "Harmless"


Outfit B, "Vampy"

You Decide!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm willing to bet dollahs to doughnuts (or EVEN Canadian Tire money!) that Outfit B would get you a hella lotta rides, but ones that wouldn't get any further than the cab of the truck... if you catch my DRIFT...

Boy Ricky said...

I like Vampy, one look at this outfit and you know its not harmless.

Boy Ricky said...

maybe the ride in the cab produces a payment in Canadian Tire money eh! Its legal tender in so may ways and non taxable!

Howiesue said...

Truthfuly, I only did a trucker once, but not in his cab. Some rest-area north of Spingfield MA about ½ way to Brattelboro, VT. I saw him leap from his truck and dash into the woods; I was in hot pursuit. Trodding past not a few Queens (who had probably been there all day), whereas my intention -really- was just to take a leak, I had him in the middle of a glen (on a beautiful spring day)

Did I care who was watching?

Circa 1993.

Somethings one cannot simply forget..