Thursday, April 06, 2006

News from the land

Spring Cleaning

Preparations for the Eastre Gatherette ritual fire began at the fire pit yesterday. The sound of the chain saw...the smell of smoke...the dancing flames...

It was a great day!

We cleared lots of underbrush near the tower. It has been many, many years since the land has had a fire, and the duff on the forest floor is thick. Spring cleaning helps keep the fire danger low, but the grass already seems dry.

Ricky manned the chain saw, Chip wielded the rake, and between the two a large area was cleared. The fire burned all day, and then into the night...
And dinner was served cowboy style under the stars. Nothing tastes quite so good as something cooked over an open flame.

Hey, Ricky! That is a tofu hot dog, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those great photos, and THANK YOU BOTH for all your hard work making the Land purty for us city folk!!

hugs, Shimmer PS I made a note to track down my choco cake receipt and post it as per your request.

Boy Ricky said...

Is that a tofu hotdog? What a silly question.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is! The faerie purity committee is watching!