Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Eastre bunny

Eastre bunny,

He found us at Amber Fox, All that worry for naught. EB found me and Amber Foxian faeries this weekend. Okay I should have asked EB about the outfit he had choosen for occasion.

The lil bunny outfit did come with a tail and due to the “G” rating of this blog so far, we won’t show you that.

EB left chocolate goodies, loonies and toonies for distribution. Included was a rather risque card for free movies for one needy faerie.

The needy Faerie was determined by the one who could guess the number of times Geneva's “I am more than a woman tour” was on again, off again. You can see her here changing her mind.

7 was the lucky number and young John took home a password for 30 minutes of movies involving bunnies doing the full monty!

Our final gatherette meal was a shimmering success, a lasgana that demanded seconds, sloopy or not, be had. It was that good. Of course our Chef (ess?) started the day with all the elan of a horny rabbit, fresh from the bunk house, there could be no denying she had been had.

Some more fresh bunnies can be found here.

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