Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gift of the Northwind

Northwind's gift to the land has arrived...the package neat, the contents safe:

The very first issues of RFD...
...artifacts from the past...treasures of time.

We eagerly open the box...and see RFD #1: Autumn 1974, price 50 cents...A blast from the past.
This is what we find first:

A Rejection
from The Mother Earth News
June 25, 1974

We here at Mother have agonized, soul-searched and aruged with each other regarding the running of P & S listings for gay people. The outcome of all this was a decision--very much against our personal beliefs--to make it an editorial policy not to run such listings. We consider our message to be the most important aspect of the magazine and--unfortunately--many of our readers are not young, hip, open-minded folks, but are little old ladies in tennis shoes.

Have a happy day,
Nancy Bishop
How far we've much things have changed...and how much they've stayed the same...

Thanks for the memories, Northwind.


Boy Ricky said...

Amazing, that the readers of Moatrher Earth News would be the reason to prevent a nice wee ad from RFD.

I am pleased tpo see how far we have come in some places, but then again, it's still like that in many places out there.

Northwind said...

How lovely to see the "Official Opening" of Package #1 there, everybody!!! (o: Bless you for sharing it.

And issues #31-50 will be lovingly wrapped and readied for a late April Faerie Flight, just to let you know.

(o: Hugs & stuff.