Sunday, April 23, 2006

For 40 hours and more ... it poured and poured some more

Not gettting you Amber Fox pick-me-ups lately, We must apologise but with good reason, we have been unable to get here to do this.

You see for 40 hours and then some, it has been raining.

Not your lil tiny rain drops that BJ Thomas, that famous musical Faerie sings about, no, more like the stuff that Noah faced...

We have rain and more rain here, luckily like Noah, we did have some warning of the soon to arrive showers from above.

Land beHolder Ken had sent us on a mission that proved prophetic in nature and reality. Rain barrels he said, not just one or two but five. You see we choose carefully those barrels to come to AKA Amber Fox, to catch our precious fluids...

The rain is welcome, things seem a little dry, not much snow this year, so chances of a dry year look good or bad, depending on your outlook.

Dry years can bring water shortages, fire and more eyecandy to look at.

Wet years bring showers, little worry about wild fires and yes, little eye candy outside, though I am sure the Summer Know Talent show will make up for all that.

So with new barrels in place we have been planting with confidence,onions, garlic, roses, weeping willows, apple trees,and asparagus, trusting we will have rain water to feed them all, should it be one of those hot eye candy years!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful new barrels! We've been getting quite a bit of rain ourselves, though not so much as y'all.

And weeping willows, too!

Fear Not, Boy Ricky... even in rainy summers, there are always those bright sunny Eye Candy days!

xo Shimmer

Howiesue said...

Could we save one of those barrels for pickles?. Either way, they just cry out for psychadelic paint jobs, no?