Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gatherettes all over

Gatherettes all over

As we get closer to the celebration of Eastre, a tasteful gatherette here at The Land, aka Amber Fox, much is going on. Last night, at dusk, on the return trip from Perth to gather provisions for the above mentioned celebratory weekend, we found a gatherette of ungulates in full swing.

Tales swapped, tails waved, they appeared to ignore our interruption of their event. Like a tourist, no maybe an anthropologist, transgressing on some foreign land, we snapped pictures, thrilled in our discovery.

That of course was not the only gatherette that took place today on the land. Rabbits have taken to the land like, you know, crazy. Last night, three of these long-in-the-ear (not quite the same as a horse being long-in-the-tooth) rabbits convened. In my entreaties here and previously with EB himself, I have managed to get to know these critters. Seems the Erection, they tell me, harbours below its foreskin something that I can only describe to those unfamiliar with Bunnyology as a cheesy smelling Rabbit Nip, yep, a bunny version of Cat Nip.

Then earlier yesterday in our preparatory efforts before the will be fabulous, no excuses, Eastre gatherette, the aka Amber Fox landed immigrants were hard at it, bringing from the earth, to our erection, precious fluids, hand pumped before this day, now jetted out--but I digress. (See the story here.)

Gatherette 3 for the day was over at the well cover, and land nearby, a slither or is that a nest of snakes became evident. No screams this time as this boy was prepared, advance notice via the lord on high protector (Hey, he saved nearby ear drums, rabbits included). Three beautiful and way too slender hissers decked out in green and yellow seemed to be enjoying a tete-a-tete on top of the well.

All in all it was a busy day here. I was talking to the receptionist for the land. He informs me many such gatherettes take place every day, every evening, here at Amber Fox.

I asked if I could get advance notice from him. Not likely he says, our clientele seem to like to drop in at the last minute, undercover, under makeup (ok, over made up), late at night, hoping the dreaded poperattzi would be thrown off (or on) track.

Wowser, no-advance-notice, secret, ritualistic, animalistic meetings all over the land. Look to Amber Fox Blog columists like Gossip Starr, HowieSue Isharoonie, Pinkie and Radical Baerie. We may surprise you (no we will surprise you, we can make it up if needed) with just who is doing, seeing, having, or just you know, hanging, at Amber Fox or out there in Faerie Land.

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Anonymous said...

Is that a boom box the two of you are carrying? I suppose it must be a much more necessary, MANLY sort of gadget, but I must confess I have fond longings for hanging out on the sofa in the Lounge with cocktail-a-go-go playing... or perhaps the graceful clarinet stylings of Maestro Chip.

Perhaps I will be Discovered on a warm Rock in a shunned Glad, my nude body adorned with coiled snakes. EVOHE!